U.S. Concert Venues Directory

Music venues have become the cultural hubs that appeal to the needs of local communities, providing cultural activity programs for your leisure time. 

The concert experience is undoubtedly created by the artist or band performing on the stage but it is also the venue that makes the whole thing outstanding. Indoor music events are traditionally held in the following kinds of venues: stadiums, destination festival, small and large theaters, music clubs of different size, opera houses/symphony halls, bars. 

What distinguishes good music venues from bad ones is the emphasis on the quality of the concert experience, the professionalism of the staff in dealing with customers.

Once the performing musicians take their rightful place on stage and eventually start playing, you start feeling the quality of sound. It can range from deafening to thrilling. A distance to the stage, good visibility, the smell and create the intimacy of the moment.

Open or closed, but venues housing live music events are present in almost every town across the United States.Smaller venues usually cater to the needs of the amateur (in the positive sense of the word) musicians polishing their skills before scaling up to larger arenas. 

Discover the hottest music hubs on the U.S. maps by browsing the venues' concert schedule along with box office hours and address information.