Ariana Grande Set to Play Concert in Manchester After Bomber Attack

Ariana Grande is set to perform a huge concert in Manchester with a few other stars joining her this week.

A concert in the memory of people killed at her concert in Manchester will be held this week. Ariana Grande keeps calling up her fellow star-singers to make an invitation for the show.

It is also known that the concert will not be held at the Manchester Arena, where an Islamic suicide bomber exploded, with the concert venue being chosen from four other alternative concert halls in Manchester.

The sole purpose of the gala concert is to raise funds for the victims' families. According to Ariana Grande, she respects the courage of the people of Manchester and will return again to commemorate the tragic event.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande behaved extremely deservingly in this situation. She immediately expressed her condolences to the affected residents of the United Kingdom, interrupted her European tour and now responsibly refers to the need of raising funds. All the money raised from the gala concert will go to help the victims. The terrorists do not intimidate the inhabitants of Great Britain - this was the inspiring leitmotif of her statements.